I am happy to share my latest publication “Warehouse Reshuffling: Insights and Optimization” published in Transportation Research Part E with Dr. Jennifer A. Pazour. The paper has very interesting results on warehouse reshuffling, i.e., how to reorganize a warehouse by moving one load at a time. The paper may be downloaded free until February 12, 2015 at


ABSTRACT: Warehouse reshuffling is a reorganization strategy that consists of repositioning items by moving them sequentially. This study investigates how to optimize warehouse reshuffling and quantifies the effect of common assumptions. A mathematical programming formulation for the general warehouse reshuffling problem, the complexity of the problem, several heuristics based on the problem structure, a formal proof delimitating instances where double-handling can be a productive move, and managerial insights on the performance of reshuffling policies in various environments are presented. Experimental results suggest that the proposed heuristics improve upon a benchmark heuristic by relaxing how cycles are handled and incorporating double-handling.